Adventuress Wool Felt Fedora

Adventuress  Wool Felt Fedora

When she’s abroad, she takes breathtaking photos that brought her to the forefront of her career. When she’s back, she looks and yearns to find the untapped region worthy of her lens. Not everyone has the eye to capture the right piece of time in their eye, one that can capture a world of eyes. She does, and she knows it.

 The Adventuress fedora…

It's made in the USA 

If adventure had a name, it would be hat! Taking a long journey without one is just a squinted eye and a sunburned ear waiting to happen. Besides, what are you going to flip up the brim of when you are ready to capture that one shot?


About the hat: The brim is 2 ¼” with an underwent for stability. The crown is teardrop shaped.


Material: Wool Felt